Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Pastel shades have always been my favourite! They are cute, perfect to wear all throughout the year and they always make me happy. The whole idea of wearing pastel eyeliners is amazing but its hard to let go of my beloved cat eye. Lately I have been obsessing with this trend so I did a little search to find the best pastel eye pencils out there.

I wish I could´ve included more but after searching & visiting all the online makeup stores I know, these were the ones I found. I honestly never thought it was going to be difficult to find different options as I have seen this trend everywhere!

None the less, these three pencils have beautiful shades and I bet the look great as part of a minimal makeup, or for a less dramatic look than the one achieved with the usual black pencil.

Would you ever swap your favourite eyeliner for a different colour? If so, which colour would you choose?

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