Thursday, 14 May 2015


You've had a tough day, the end of a crazy week, there is nothing more you would like to do than just sit back and relax while binge watching Netflix. Treating yourself to a little pampered evening. We have all been there, if you haven´t I highly recommend you invest in at least 20 minutes for yourself one day… you will feel even more energised!

We all should have some time to relax once in a while. For me Sunday evenings are made to chill. I try to keep it a little tradition even when I don´t have the chance, I will make it up some other day. My routine changes from time to time as I am always drawn to different products but so far, these are my pamper evening essentials.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil: I talked about it here on the blog a while ago. I have been using it ever since to detox my face. Whether I have few pimples or as a post Holiday season cleanse, I just add a few drops of it in warm water and steam my face for 10 minutes. If you decide on giving this a try, avoid doing it too often as it may dry out your skin!

Bubblegum scrub by Lush: It has not been long since I talked about this scrub but since I purchased it, my lips feel so soft and renewed. Plus the smell and flavour of this pink goodness is delicious. The sugar used to make it is super fine, it gently removes dry skin leaving my lips smooth & happy.

Aussie Shower Smoothie: Pretty much like its name says, a creamy smoothie for your skin. Sweet notes of strawberry and the indulgent power of Macadamia oil have left my skin silky soft and energised. A great way to pamper tired skin, any day of the week.

Sanctuary Air-whipped soufflĂ© scrub: I like to think of this body scrub as a treat to make up for the fact that I do not own a bathtub. It has a very creamy yet bubbly consistency that gently scrubs dead skin away leaving my body feeling rejuvenated, smooth and relaxed. 

Kiehl´s Creme de Corps: One of my current favourites. It has a very rich formula that moistures dry skin and its so lightweight and fresh. I love using after shaving my legs or exfoliating my skin. I would also note that shane has been using it and when it comes to moisturiser he has always been very picky but even he loves it.

Kiehl´s Overnight Hydrating Masque: The perfect to end a pamper evening is This mask. It is amazing to bring dry skin back to life. It works as an invisible layer that soothes skin and intensively hydrates. All whilst sleeping resulting in an ultra soft and smooth face the next morning! Ideal for extremely dry skin and a once in a while treat for normal skin.

My evening is complete with some indulgent snacks and an ice cold smoothie all whilst watching a film or binge watching my favourite tv shows!

Whats your pamper routine? Let me know on a comment!

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