Monday, 1 September 2014


This is perhaps the last glitzy, summery  outfit post of the year. After this, its all going to be coats, oversized scarves and smart layering, which sounds very appealing to me right now but I bet you, I´ll be struggling with the low temperatures, drinking loads of hot tea and complaining from time to time, about how cold it is & how much I miss summer.

As you might remember, I mentioned a couple of times that I have been invited to a wedding. Well, right after receiving the invitation, my mind couldn´t stop thinking about what comes with it; looking for a nice outfit to attend that type of event.

For some reason I left it until the last minute and I underestimated how hard it can be to go out and look for a dress with me, specially when its for a wedding and that wedding happens to be the next day. Imagine going shopping with a slow, indecisive but very stressed person and add the fact that she has a pair of shoes to wear for the day and wants a dress that will go with them. I think we can agree that it can be a bit complicated when you have the perfect pair of shoes and somehow, you decide to look for a dress that will go with the shoes and not the other way… or am I the only girl that has to look for the dress first and then the rest of the stuff?

I thought, as I showed you my dress on the Belfast haul, an outfit post was in order to show you how it all went, and  to proof myself, that a dress from Primark can be good material for a formal event. I say I had to proof myself, because once I became exhausted of searching through so many shops, I sort of found the light in the three floor, fast fashion store and this dress turned out to be great for the occasion!

I wish I could show you more pictures of the reception but as I am not directly familiar with the bride & groom, I felt it was inappropriate as it was such an intimate event. I do have this lovely picture of our table, they were all decorated with this candles, very simple but romantic and with a vintage vibe. The bride was wearing a 1920s style dress with a beautiful veil also inspired on that decade. She was absolutely stunning!