Wednesday, 6 August 2014


After coming back from Mexico with a new haircut (very short in comparison with this) I sort of became obsessed with keeping it nice & under control. For many years (if not forever) I´ve been the girl who happily embraces the messy look, really. If you ask my mom, she´ll tell you how annoying it was to do my hair, she experienced the shaking, crying & arguing so many times that at an early stage in my life she allowed me to fix my hair… this meant forgetting about hairspray, gel or whatever made my hair look very tidy. Hair bobbles became a bad hair staple only & I would try to wear my hair down every single day. That really didn´t change at all, but through the years I´ve had a soft spot for short haircuts and every time I get them, my perfect hair obsession flourishes…

It´s been about 4 months since I cut my hair and I haven´t been to the hair salon since. The reason behind, well, I guess Im trying to decide whether I should keep it short or grow it  back… in the mean time, I am struggling with a hard-to-tame hair that does´t look good when its messy. Now, hair bobbles have teamed up with hair pins, mousse and hairspray!

One of my recent purchases is this amazing L´Oréal spray, I got it in normal strength and it works just fine to help my head look less… chaotic, if we can call it that way. It leaves my hair with a satin effect, it holds well and most important, it really does´t look as if you are wearing tons of it. I use it when I wear a pony tail and it creates a nice wavy look if you apply it just after coming out of the shower (no brush needed). It also keeps my hair super straight all day long and it helps to avoid frizziness when you go out to the rainy streets after straightening your hair.

Overall, I think its a great product, perfect for a messy look, but keeping everything under control!

Buy L Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray here.